About Us

We have been in the business of creativity since our first job in 1995 designing a CD for the college band BrotherSage.

Print Design:

We have vast experience in all forms of print design from concept through delivery. We have experience not only in the brainstorming and idea creation that begins a project, but because of our knowledge in all forms of marketing we are able to evaluate and recommend effective tactics to reach your audiences. We have included many samples of our previous printed work located under the print section of our web site; logos, business cards, letterhead, book covers, award winning magazines, posters, banners, signage, hi-end corporate brochures, CDs, tri-fold and pocket brochures, flyers, newspaper and magazine advertisements, T-Shirts and stickers.

Video Production and Animation:

We have experience animating products from scratch as well as from CAD designs to produce stunningly realistic 3D renderings for marketing and tradeshow use. We also have experience using 3D animation in concert with video production to produce moving video sequences for Tradeshows, Banquets and Business Meetings. We were also responsible for the video production for a local TV show produced by a local hospital. If it requires 3D animation or video production with a design focused, motivational quality there is no limit to what we can do for you.  We are also experienced in Flash design focusing on short cartoon animations and web site banners. To view our short movies please visit the Video Production and Animation portions of our web site.

Web Site Production and Design:

We have produced and/or created over 30 quality web sites since we started.  They have included sites for large hospitals and production facilities, education and childcare web sites, as well as toy stores, comedians, and real-estate businesses.  We are adept at all forms of HTML and CSS and have also provided art direction and implementation for complex database driven WordPress sites as well. We can create a self-managed WordPress site for you that will be exactly what you need to effectively reach your clientele. It will be a source of pride and true marketing power for your business that will be surprisingly inexpensive to produce and to maintain. To see screenshots and links of our past and current web site projects, please visit the Web Sites portion of our site.